Your Awesomeness Wants to Bust Out!

I went on a spontaneous adventure this last weekend. After I agreed, I realized what I was agreeing to. My heart skipped a beat and the old demon began to rise up. I had to remind myself of my goal at the beginning of the year. I wanted to put myself in social situations that scared the piss out of me. This was one of them. My friend asked me to accompany her on a 7 hour drive each way, spend the night at another family’s house (strangers to me), and keep her company. I realized, I was going to be spending the night at a complete stranger’s house, in a different town very far away. A year or two ago I would have used a family BBQ we were invited to as my excuse to say no. Having to interact with complete strangers and staying the night in their home was a terrifying thought. That fear demon was trying to sneak up on me. I refused to let it get me! I would go!

On the way home we were discussing how the last 24 hours had gone. I realized I had a fun time! This was such an amazing, warm, friendly family. They caused me to feel like I was a part of the festivities and not a stranger.  I feel like I can walk a little taller and a little more confident in my social skills. I allow fear to rule my life too much even though I am plenty capable.

We all have fears whether they are phobias are merely hindrances. When we recognize them for what they are, we can deal with these ugly monsters. Fear = false evidence appearing real. We can allow these fears to hold us back in mediocrity or we can work on conquering them and propel ourselves into excellence. We all want to be our best selves, right? Well, I hope so. I know mediocrity can be easy and comfortable but what fun is that? What do you want to say about your life when it is all said and done? You lived in apathy and accomplished nothing great, or you can list off the awesome things you accomplished? We all have greatness just waiting to bust through, but the barrier it faces is fear.

What fear  holds you back?

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