Workout Pointers from a Pro

We all know how important excercise in our life. Unfortunantely most of us aren’t farmers using our guns all day. I have been creeping along but without the progress that I want. I have never been the skinny one, it’s just not the way I am built. I am a short solid beast with a little extra fat. I just want some guns, that’s all I ask.

Workout Tips From a Pro

I am excited because one of my brothers got a job managing a gym near by. He also has a BS in Sport’s Medicine and has experience as a personal trainer. He’s a real smart cookie and has the same nutrition philosophy as I do. Not only is it nice to see his face a few times a week, but he is my sorta personal trainer. He writes down workouts and gives me pointers. I have been shocked at my progress in such a short amount of time, mostly only changing my workout routine.


Here are some pointers he has taught me:

  • Super Sets – you do one exercise for the front, then another set for the back. Repeat 2 to 3 times.
    • Example: 12 reps chest press, 12 reps of low row. back to 12 reps chest press, 12 reps of low row. back to 12 reps chest press, 12 reps of low row. that is 3 super sets.
  • Do cardio after weights. Not to bore you with a biology lesson (one thing I love about him is we can geek out for hours together), you burn the stored energy of your muscles so when you do cardio, your body goes to burn fat as energy.
  • When doing a military press (overhead press), don’t have your shoulders in line with your torso (making a T).  Move your arms a little inside toward each other. The straight T is the weakest position of the shoulder joint.
  • Even if your day is crazy and you don’t have time for a full workout, do something small and intense.
  • Do 4-6 hard super sets, give it all you have and be done! No need to spend hours pumping iron.

My after baby body will never be in a bikini. As with everything I am an overachiever and don’t want to show all my stretch marks. I just want some defined muscles. I have a goal to be where I want by the time I start nursing school in the fall.  My wonderful and talented brother is such a huge help!

What are your tips?

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