Why Fall is Awesome

What I love about Fall:

1. sweaters

2. pumpkin EVERYTHING

3. boots

4. bed is more snuggly comfortable

5. crisp mornings and warm afternoons

6. the pumpkin patch festivities at Bauman Farms

7. fresh homemade applesauce

8. decorating with skeletons is not creepy and weird

9. the beauty of leaves changing colors

10. fireplaces come alive

11. harvest of grapes

12. God begins watering the garden and lawn

13. the smell of the air

14. the excitement of a new school year

15. new season of t.v shows

16. apples

17. root veggies

18. back to a routine

19. apple cider

20. apple cider donuts

21. pumpkin lattes

22. playing in the leaves

23. roasting and freezing pumpkin

24. the colors of the forest

25. cooler workout temp

26. lots of candy

27. the fun church festival

28. I get to wear my favorite green trench coat

29. I don’t have to hunt around town for my kids when it’s dinner time

30. colored tights


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