Where’s the Cheese?!

Hopefully you can help solve the case detective!

(fyi bold = my brain chattering)


I am hungry.

Wow, look at the time! No Wonder.

(I head for the kitchen)

“Mommy, I’m hungry.”

“You just ate lunch. How about a cheese stick?”


(opening the fridge)

Oh, crap! We are out of cheese sticks. I guess I could just cut a hunk off the block.

“We are out of cheese sticks. Can I cut you some?”


Where is the cheese knife? It’s not in the block. Oh man, it’s dirty.

(go to sink)

Look at the dishes! I need to get them done.

(start washing dishes)

“Umm mommy? can I have my cheese?”

“Let me finish the dishes”


(finish dishes and cut a hunk of cheese)

(on my way to give it to her) This floor is dirty! I need to sweep.

(get the broom and sweep the floor)

(while sweeping the dining room I glance at the living room)

Geesh, I need to pick up the living room!

(I begin picking up when all of a sudden my stomach growls)

Oh yea, I was going to make lunch. 

(back to the kitchen)

(I go to the cabinet to get a bowl for salad and realize the cheese is still on the counter)

Man! I am such a space case!

(finally make my salad and sit down to eat)

Later in the evening, the man is getting dishes out for dinner. “Ummm honey, why is the cheese in the cabinet?”

Please tell me you can relate!


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