Well Poop….Literally!

Another installment of Mama Kat’s fun writing prompts. Without further ado…..

It happened at daycare……

I walked in to the room to pick her up. It smelled like poo. No prob, there are babies there too. Until Adalyn walks out of the changing area with her teacher. That poop smell was hers. The teacher apologized saying she tried to salvage the panties. I assured her I would have just thrown them away anyways.

On any normal day this would have just been a chuckle and we move on, going home. Well, that was not a “normal” day. First off, she was wearing the skirt I had just finished crocheting for her for the first time. I spent quite a bit of time on it and hadn’t gotten pictures taken of it yet. It smelled like poop. I sighed hoping some handwashing would bring life back to it. Then I realized, we were supposed to meet my husband somewhere. I sighed again when she bent over to put her shoes on and I saw her naked butt cheeks.

I began praying no one would notice she was the source of the dirty diaper smell, and she wouldn’t forget and full on moon someone……Oh, the life of a parent!

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