Ugliness of Social Anxiety.

Do you find themes in your life that get your attention?  Sometimes, you just want to scream, “I get it!”  Last year I realized I had social issues I needed to work on. The beginning of the year when I set my year’s goals, I wanted to work on this area of my life because I knew it was holding me back. Then a few months ago I had to write a paper for my Interpersonal Communications class on a communication issue we face. I chose to write on social anxiety.  Within the research of this paper, I learned quite a bit about myself. I already knew I was an introvert and thought that was most of my problem. That picture was me, my nose in a book not having to interact with the world. It seems that has little to do with it. Although that class was tough with all the papers to write, I gained such an understanding of my issue and how to work on it. If you too struggle, this site was an amazing help to me Succeed Socially.

I ended up having to take another speech class because the other one didn’t qualify for transfer to George Fox. It seems this class is taking me to the next level. I have realized I don’t mind public speaking at all, it’s just the building relationship part that freaks me out. The teacher even has asked if I can tutor another student who is struggling with public speaking.

As my own therapy to overcome this obstacle, I have chosen immersion therapy for myself. My goal is to do things that scare the piss right out of me. I volunteer at a car seat clinic as a Child Passenger Safety Technician. I used to only do it to keep my certification current. This year, I am helping at all the local ones. I am going to run for an office position for Phi Theta Kappa. I am purposefully putting myself out there on a daily basis. The past few weeks I have finally seen the rewards of a few months of hard work. It has been AMAZING! You sure do reap what you sow!

What life theme is screaming at you? Are you pushing it aside or forcing your way through it?


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