The Tornado of Input

Oh, my dear sweet children. I wish I could sheild you from the onslaught of negative you will face in your life! I wish you would never experience heartbreak, or fear. I know we live in a broken world with broken people. This cannot be avoided. Do not let it define your existence but learn the lesson in the storm. I grew up defining myself by the input around me. I didn’t have that safe place to fall. That place that said, “NO, that is not you. THIS is who you are.” This became a long journey often fraught with deep sadness. I had to search deep within to figure out who I really was, not what my surroundings had said that I was.

I wish I had learn this lesson as a young child. I am not defined by my surroundings. I am defined by God and the gifts/talents He has given me. It can be very difficult to tune out the tornado of input around you. As it swirls around you, stay in the eye where it is peaceful and calm and know it will pass. When you are unsure or someone says something hurtful, weigh it against the depths of your soul. Who does God say you are? Are you really stupid? Are you really a mean person? Hopefully the answer is no. Remember who you truly are.

It is vitally important to your joy to know who you are. Constantly ask yourself, “Is this me or is this me?” The better you know your likes versus dislikes, your strengths versus your weaknesses, what brings you happiness versus what drains your energy, and so; the quicker you can discern if that input is true or not.

Always seek the truth of who you are so when a lie pops up, you can walk away chuckling.

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