There are these places called libraries….

Pink Heels Pink TruckThe third Tuesday of the month means party time for the new online book club I joined. Tonights twitter chat will be a nice reprieve from the usual I do while waiting for my daughter’s jazz class to be done. There is also a linky party that is a great place for a bookworm like me to add ‘must reads’ to my list.

Septembers edition:

What are you currently reading?

We have been reading Seabiscuit for this month’s chat. I begrudgingly got it from the library and began reading. This is by far not my normal read. That is seabiscuit1one of the reason I wanted to join a book club, to broaden my horizons. Not to mention the fact, I am not a huge animal person. I was pleasantly surprised! I actually really enjoyed this book! The auther did a fantastic job developing where the jocky came from and where the horse came from. She had tons of facts but it never felt dry. Whether this genre is your thing or not, you should read this book!

Autumn is coming! What’s your go-to-drink when curling up with a book at night?

Bold, black coffee is the fall back guy and my drug of choice. Lately I have discovered a new way of drinking my green tea that is beyond delish. Soon I will be sharing this delight here. I also love Bengel Spice tea.

Printed books v. e-books: What are the pros and cons of each?

Printed — pro: One of my favorite scents is that of old books. I also love getting lost at a bookstore.

con: They can be bulky and take up shelf space. They can fall apart, especially if they are of the kid variety.

E-book — pro: They only take up memory space. You can have access to thousands of books in an instant. You can quickly find the meaning to a word.

con: They are not a full sensory experience. You can’t read if your battery died.

Buying books v. library books: Which do you prefer and why?

I heard a comedian once in reference to the current generation, “There are these places called libraries. They have these things called books!” I remember a card catalog. Do you? I used to prefer to buy books until I got married and my hubby had a much different idea. Now, I buy books if I want them for reference, the waitlist at the library is super duper long and I want to read the book, or if I get a spankin’ good deal (like $1 for a paper grocery bag full). If I bought every book I read, I would look like a packrat with stacks and stacks all over!


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