The Sting of Bitterness

Have you met that person that just gets you down? Everything is negative? That’s what bitterness does. It doesn’t start out as bitterness, it is hurt festered.

I have had many occasions in my life to become bitter. At every turn I have refused! I live by the motto, “Why be bitter when you can be better?” When you let that hurt and feeling of injustice linger unattended, it invites friends over. They begin to have a great time taunting you, convincing you, cackling at their own success. This breeds that constant furrowed brow, the feeling that the world is out to get you. I have peeked down this road. In my teen years I was very angry and borderline bitter.

The world WAS not fair to me. It wasn’t in my control the bad things that happened. They cut me deeper than anything ever has. I hated this world. I hated it so much I attempted suicide, twice. When I began to venture outside of my small world that had been built for me, I realized, this isn’t how the entire world really is. There is good. There is hope. There is love.

It eased my hurt and anger. Instead of shaking my fist, I held it to my face sobbing.  Resolving not to let my past dictate my future, my head raised a little higher. The little bit of bitterness that had begun to fester was cleaned out. I knew I did not want this to be my life. I wanted joy and happiness. The only way that would come about was through forgiveness.

Forgiving those that severly wounded me, forgiving myself for giving up, and moving forward. Thinking that forgiveness was a one time deal, my happy reverie was broken. Forgiveness is an all the time thing. When the pain from my childhood creeps up, I have to immediately remind myself it has been dealt with. All has been forgiven. Never forgotten, just forgiven.

How do you deal with bitterness?

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