The Ghost of Failed Projects…..

With the online world, you can’t see my messy kitchen, my makeupless face, or the fact that my daughter refuses to match today. We get to put our best foot forward. Some of the women I follow, I think “damn, they got it goin’ on! Why can’t I.” Then I remind myself, it’s online. I am sure they have kid goobers on their pants and dirty dishes too.

Everyone is so anxious to show off their amazing projects, I thought I would share my latest failure, epic, heart wrenching failure.

Lessons of a Failed Project

I wanted a wood plank wall. The man didn’t want that much weight on the wall. Our wall sat empty for nearly a year yearning for inspiration and compromise. I finally found this wallpaper. My friend and I worked on cutting it so it would look like actual mismatched planks.

As the man helped me hang them, my heart began to sink. It looked like crap. I thought I would leave it for a day or two to see if it grew on me. Instead, it began to fall off the wall. DAMN WALLPAPER!

Lessons of a Failed Project Also

Back to the drawing board of inspiration! What would you suggest?

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