Teaching Our Children About Sex

I am a Christian and believe our schools should teach sex ed. I have decided to be on a small committee working on a sexual health curriculum. Now, before you tell me the enemy has poisoned my mind, you should read on. I live my life very intentionally, believe these children are our future, and want what is best for every single one of them, mine included. I also am very realistic. While I do believe in miracles, I am also know real life exists. In an ideal world every kid would save themselves for marriage. That would be fantastic! The studies tell us differently. In middle school, approximately 10% of children are sexually active. In high school about half of all students will have had sex. Here is the mind blower for you, 95% of these children will have sex before marriage! We can bury our heads in the sand and think public school standards are to blame, we can blame the breakdown of the family, we can blame whatever we want to. That does not change the fact this is real.

I would love to believe my children would be in that 5%. Realistically, that probably won’t happen. Giving these children information won’t cause them to become even more sexually active. How much information have you been given on good nutrition and exercise, yet you choose to ignore it? We cannot protect our kids forever from what the world will throw at them. If credible sources don’t have an influence, they will turn to their friends and the internet and we all know how that can go. Parents choosing to not allow the school to give them information or resources, how many of them will talk to their children about getting STDs even from oral sex? I would venture to say few.

I will take it a step further. How about the literature regarding homosexuality and gender identification. It doesn’t matter what my beliefs are. These people are still people, people God created and loves. Moreover, they are children….children. If this literature can help a kid from feeling weird and wanting to kill themselves, or another kid to have proper information and stop bullying, wouldn’t that be worth it?

Sure I can choose to withhold my children from these classes and resources, but I won’t. I will give you a moment to pick up your jaw before you read on. This all comes back to intentional living. As a parental unit we chose to put our children in public school. It wasn’t just a default, we actually chose it. One reason is, it is real life in a mini environment. We want them to ask the hard question now, rather then when they are adults and have made bad choices. I would rather them giggle to me about what they learned in health class rather than be embarrassed as an adult and not find proper information. Sure some of the things are a little sketchy, maybe more than I feel comfortable with. However, my comfort level doesn’t matter. I made a choice to be a parent. I have an obligation to these little people. If they don’t hear some of this in class, you bet they probably will from their friends.

I cannot hover over them every second of their lives, nor do I want to. What I can do is provide them with age appropriate opportunities to be exposed to situations and concepts that will cause them to become well informed adults.

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