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Success Comes From Stepping Out

Sucess is never accomplished by living in our comfort zone. I have decided to step out of comfort and follow a dream. I have finished the exhaustive list of prerequestes over the past couple years for nursing school. I am supposed to be starting my two choatic years of the hands on ...Read More

What Photography Has Taught Me

I crave change. I need change. I get bored to easily. If I can stick with something for more than 6 months it usually becomes part of me. I have been married for almost 11 years! Talk about commitment for this fast moving woman. If you follow the adventures of my hair, ...Read More

Selfie versus Self Portrait

Is there a difference between the selfie and a self portrait? Perhaps not a deep thought to ponder, I know.  Yet, in our current culture it could have implications to the world of photography. This current generation is the most photographed generation ever. Thus, the expectations for advertising and portaiture seems to have ...Read More