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Getting Kids to Listen

The mini series, “The Slap” starts airing tonight. It got me thinking about parenting. Not that this subject is ever far from my mind. The conversation is about physical discipline with other people’s children. Really that’s just a symptom of a bigger problem. If the main character does this in public to ...Read More

You’ve been very, very naughty!

We believe as parents we are raising future adults, we are not merely raising children. This long term vision helps us to be more intentional as parents. We don’t just fly by the seat of our pants hoping our children turn out ok. We take active steps to ensure they have the ...Read More

Do You Ever Experience Sanity?

I was walking along and all I could hear was the crashing of the ocean and the wind in my ears. I had a very uncomfortable feeling beginning to brew. I kept asking myself what it was. Was someone following me? Could it be from the conference I just attended? Could it ...Read More

Give My Kid Control?!

Do you have that one child that feels they must control the world? We sure do! As a toddler she would huddle over the popcorn bowl dishing it out to her brothers one piece at a time. Her room is always clean. She was even our longest “standoff”. What is a standoff? ...Read More

Despite Me, They are Awesome

Are you a perfect parent? If so, please share your secrets! I know I fail on a daily basis and yet somehow I have managed to raise kind, generous children who respect others. I know they are far from perfect, we all have weakness, right? I was chatting with my neighbor today. ...Read More

Healthy Kids=Nation’s Success

A writing assignment I did for PTK (an honors society I am part of) on one of my passions, the health of our children. I love being active and do not do well if I have to sit for an extended period of time. I believe our bodies were created for adventure and movement. ...Read More

Feelings of Parenting Failure

As a mother we love our kids, yet we can see why some animals eat their young. I am having one of those times. Our oldest has always been the one to test the limits of our parenting abilities. Oh, the stories I could lament! He has always been more sensitive and ...Read More