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Are You A Stereotype?

What does the typical mom look like? If you are like me and most I know, you draw on the experience of your own life. Are we supposed to be that soccer mom driving the minivan with our Starbucks? Are we supposed to be a woman dressed in a business suit kissing ...Read More

Lessons To My Children

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My name means ‘small but wise’. I have the first part of that covered for sure! When God was asking who wants inches, I thought He was asking who wants lunches. DOH! The second part is always a work in progress. One of the goals of my ...Read More

Your Awesomeness Wants to Bust Out!

I went on a spontaneous adventure this last weekend. After I agreed, I realized what I was agreeing to. My heart skipped a beat and the old demon began to rise up. I had to remind myself of my goal at the beginning of the year. I wanted to put myself in ...Read More