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Workout Pointers from a Pro

We all know how important excercise in our life. Unfortunantely most of us aren’t farmers using our guns all day. I have been creeping along but without the progress that I want. I have never been the skinny one, it’s just not the way I am built. I am a short solid ...Read More

Is Ghee for Me?

Is Ghee for me? You may be asking what exactly is it? In our western world we know it by the name clarified butter. It has been  used in Indian cooking forcenturies upon centuries. Sometimes I think it is sillyhow things that have worked in other cultures for centuries is new to ...Read More

Menu Monday Success

This week’s menu was a success! Usually there is at least one kids who is not excited about something. This week, they even like MY breakfast! I have decided for this last part of school, I am going to let them eat at school. Thankfully, our school lunches are decent and I ...Read More