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My name is Shannon and I am a crackhead…

It’s like being a crackhead trying to get clean. The hard part is I am surrounded by other crackheads who leave their drugs out. That is what it seems. Although my substance may not be so seedy, it is still detrimental to my health. Although it may be easier to obtain, it ...Read More

Crazy Halloween Candy EVERYWHERE!

I am curious. How do you handle Halloween candy in your house?   This is how it works in our house. I let my kids ravage their buckets the next day. I want them to eat it all within a couple days. Sounds crazy I know! Here’s my thinking. For one, I ...Read More

I Ripped Out a Man’s Lungs!

Have you ever taken out a brain or cracked a man’s ribs? I have and it was phenominal! Before you get scared away from this crazy lady, let me explain. See, there was this one night…..just kidding! I am a medical nerd. My goal someday is to become a nurse practioner. Although ...Read More

Healthy Kids=Nation’s Success

A writing assignment I did for PTK (an honors society I am part of) on one of my passions, the health of our children. I love being active and do not do well if I have to sit for an extended period of time. I believe our bodies were created for adventure and movement. ...Read More