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The Sting of Bitterness

Have you met that person that just gets you down? Everything is negative? That’s what bitterness does. It doesn’t start out as bitterness, it is hurt festered. I have had many occasions in my life to become bitter. At every turn I have refused! I live by the motto, “Why be bitter ...Read More

Free to be Another Year Older

Another year has pass. I am one number older according to my birth certificate. For many years of my adult life, it has been a deeply personal time. Only within the last few years have I been happy to celebrate it. My teen years were very difficult and in my late teens ...Read More

Religious Freedom v. Honoring History

It never ceases to amaze me how many want to take God out of our country and culture. They seem to forget that is why the pilgrims came here in the first place. They wanted to worship God freely and not have to worry about oppression. Can’t we still honor our history ...Read More