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From Night to Morning

I believe to be the best person you can, you must know yourself. Too often we don’t take the time to figure out why we behave in a certain way. It can be quit liberating to know for instance, the triggers that rile us up. I have read my fair share of ...Read More

Overachieving is Not Confidence

The one thing I wish I had learned earlier in life, confidence. I don’t know if it is supposed to be this way or some people are just blessed with it. Is the point to screw up so much that we figure out who we are and become ok with that? That ...Read More

2 Rules to Control the Control Freak

We all crave some control over our lives. Wether we are 2, 22, or 92, it doesn’t matter. Sure the amount of control and the scope of our environment will be different, but the fact remains. We require some form of predictibility and our own identity. When that is stripped away, we ...Read More

My Past Hurts Don’t Matter?!?!

We all love an inspirational story. I think with all the input coming at us, sometimes we get desensitized. I was watching a show that really got me more than usual. I grew up the underdog, therefore that is always who I cheer for. I was watching Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition. Usually ...Read More

The Self-Reflective Bird

The solitary bird on the wire. I have been there so many times in my life in different ways. I have gotten used to and ok with it. Sometimes I have been by myself navigating rough waters. Sometimes I have been the one to stand up all by myself. Sometimes I have ...Read More

Are You A Control Freak Too?

Sometimes I wish I could be a super hero and control my environment. I grew up in what I felt like a tornado. Sometimes I was in the eye of the storm and it was calm. Without warning I was flung into the raging storm and swirled around and around. My childhood ...Read More

Befriending the Weird Kid

I was always the oddball who was socially awkward. I liked what I liked and was fine with it. I was never the popular one and even had a time in my life where I had no one to turn to. That’s no joke. I was going through some really rough family ...Read More

You’ve been very, very naughty!

We believe as parents we are raising future adults, we are not merely raising children. This long term vision helps us to be more intentional as parents. We don’t just fly by the seat of our pants hoping our children turn out ok. We take active steps to ensure they have the ...Read More

So You Think You Are a Failure, Huh?

How many times have you started a weightloss program and “failed”? How many times have you left a project half finished and though “that was a failure”? How many times have you yelled at your kids and mutter “I am a failure.”? It’s ok, you can be honest, you are in good ...Read More

Give My Kid Control?!

Do you have that one child that feels they must control the world? We sure do! As a toddler she would huddle over the popcorn bowl dishing it out to her brothers one piece at a time. Her room is always clean. She was even our longest “standoff”. What is a standoff? ...Read More