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Why Fall is Awesome

What I love about Fall: 1. sweaters 2. pumpkin EVERYTHING 3. boots 4. bed is more snuggly comfortable 5. crisp mornings and warm afternoons 6. the pumpkin patch festivities at Bauman Farms 7. fresh homemade applesauce 8. decorating with skeletons is not creepy and weird 9. the beauty of leaves changing colors ...Read More

September’s 52 list

52 reasons why living in this tiny town beats the citys: 1. driving fast on country roads 2. the only traffic I worry about is farm equipment 3. no close stores for impulse buys 4. my kids have more freedom to play outside 5. small school district 6. slightly incorrect address on ...Read More

Father’s Day 52 list

In honor of Father’s Day here is my first 52 list. I know a little delayed, but you know how it goes in the life of a domestic goddess. Fifty-two reasons I appreciate my hubby, in no particular order. 1. He lets me decorate the house how I want 2. He is ...Read More