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June’s 365 Project Entry

When you hear the word summer, what images does your mind conjure up? In our neck of the woods there is a joke about the mystery of summer. It doesn’t begin until July 5th. We always get excited when our 4th doesn’t end in rain. This month for our 365 project, the ...Read More

You Know You Live in a Small Town When….

Moving from a large city to a very small town, I constantly have those “you know you live in a small town when…..” moments. Like the fact that our whole town’s speed limit is a strictly enforced 25 mph. Or how about the fact we sometimes get handmade notices on our door ...Read More

March 365 Submission

This last month was the end of another term and now the beginning of a break until 2 years of crazy town, um, I mean nursing school. Along with this came another flare up of my messed up brain. I feel like I am on the tail end of shaking off that ...Read More

February 365 Contest

Part of my photography journey is a 365 project this year. So far so good! I want to improve my skills as well as document our life. I have joined a group of wonderful women from Clickin Moms. This is such an amazing support for female photographers! Here is my monthly entry: ...Read More

365 Week 5

Happy Valentine’s Day! A heart shaped snowflake just for you. ...Read More

January Favs of 365

Since there were no posts for January, here are some of my favs from my 365 project for this last month.   ...Read More

365 Of Gratitude

In honor of this week, my favorite 365 picture from this week. What are you grateful for?     ...Read More

The Battle Scars My Children Left

Here is my favorite 365 picture this week. We tell our children to be comfortable in their own skin, yet we have such a hard time loving the body that created them. Celebrate those marks that gave you the most precious things in your life. Without further ado, my battle scar selfie: ...Read More

365 Wednesday

I just got a remote clicker thingie. My favorite picture this week was my first attempt at a remote selfie. It doesn’t look like much, however, it took quite a few rearranging of the tripod. It may not be the best picture, but I’m pretty proud of it!     My favorite ...Read More

365 Project Wednesday

It was hard to pick a favorite this week! My favorite 365 picture this week:     My favorite gratitude question this week in honor of fall: 3 gifts orange. pumpkin of course flowers basketballs p.s Not sure what I am referring to? Check out this post. What orange things are you ...Read More