Success Comes From Stepping Out

Sucess is never accomplished by living in our comfort zone. I have decided to step out of comfort and follow a dream. I have finished the exhaustive list of prerequestes over the past couple years for nursing school. I am supposed to be starting my two choatic years of the hands on part of nursing school. I had a door that slammed closed right in my face. While the wind was passing by me, I began to doubt this choice of career.

This doubt grew into pro and con lists, honest discussions with the man (I’m sure he got tired of hearing me talk about it), and hours of soul searching. I thought perhaps I will go this way. Like a gentle tug of a horse’s bridle to get them to turn, this door closed. I was left staring into this scary hole. Sure it would be nice to have more money, but we are not dependent on any money I bring in. This opens the world to me. It is almost too much choice!

I know there will be nay-sayers thinking I have wasted my time in school. To them I just chuckle. I have grown more than I ever thought possible and overcome huge personal hurdles. I met my sista from another mista. Through a fellow classmate and now friend’s referral, my kids are a part of an amazing dance studio. I could go on and on. I don’t see any of my time in school as a waste, but a gift.

I am going to go from a MWAC (mom with a camera) to having an established photography business. I’m freaked out and excited all at once.

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