The Storyteller

I am 1/8 Jewish and the story of the Holocaust is dear to me. It is heart breaking and yet an amazing time of sheer human will power. Amidst this time of mass killing and heartache, we hear stories about the fortitude of those in a devastating place. I could go on and on about this dichotomy.

The StorytellerI just finished The Storyteller, an amazingly written book! Jodi Picoult has a gift of interweaving and developing the story of these characters. We find Sage (her sisters’ Pepper and Saffron made me laugh) who has some serious self esteem issues. She is befriended by Josef who asks her to forgive him for the atrocities he has committed and to kill him. He is 95 and feels he just can’t die. Sage really struggles with this because her grandmother, Minka is a Holocaust survivor. Throughout the book Sage struggles with this and contacts Leo whose job is to bring justice to these survivors. Weaved into this story is Minka’s experience during the Holocaust, a love story, and heartbreaking decisions.

You will find yourself sucked into their world while their story grips your heart. The ending has some twists and turns that you will find yourself holding your breathe. It feels like Sage is a friend telling her story while you are enjoying a cup of coffee together. This is a must read!


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