The Other Side

I saw a saying the other day “The grass is greener on the other side because it is fertilized with more bull..(uummm we will say poop)”

I know especially as women we have a problem with comparing. Why is it worse for women? I want to know this! Anyways, we think the grass is greener over there.  Really, it’s just because the person you are comparing yourself to is a better B.Ser than you. That’s all. Mystery demistified.

I am a very organized, list loving, doer. I know many a people who would love to have my “problem.” Talking about that grass thingy. It isn’t always better on this side, trust me. Many times I wish I could just relax, just finish a whole movie without thinking of things that need to be done or feeling lazy. I constantly bite off more than I can chew and end up stressed feeling like I have to get it all done. Really, it is just pressure I put on myself. Things I want to accomplish, not things someone has asked of me. Sometimes I even go into my hole to accomplish and see being social as a distraction. Yup, I can work myself into a frenzy because of my own expectations of myself. I know that may sound crazy. See, you think it’s better on my side because I am a better B.Ser. You think I have it all together. Know, why? I have had years and years (since childhood) of pracitice putting up my force field so you can’t really see the chaos that is in my head or my life for that matter.

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