September’s 52 list

52 reasons why living in this tiny town beats the citys:

1. driving fast on country roads

2. the only traffic I worry about is farm equipment

3. no close stores for impulse buys

4. my kids have more freedom to play outside

5. small school district

6. slightly incorrect address on mail still finds us

7. sweet summer smell of harvested crops

8. only 1 stop light

9. slower pace of life

10. what you have is not more important than who you are

11. we can see the stars at night

12. surrounded by farms to get fresh food from

13. kids see where their food comes from

14. a traffic jams is considered 2 pieces of farm equipment on the road following one another

15. no busy through traffic

14. when running or walking, less stops to cross streets

15. our opinion matters with city council and school board

16. hardly any crime

17. the kids already know the teachers they will have

18. my kids can play at the park without my watchful eye

19. most of the kids at school live within walking distance

20. everyone remembers me because I am white, have weird hair, and my clothes are colorful

21. hearing the festival on main street through the whole town

22. what you wear to school is much less important

23. I can see open fields from my front porch

24. cute Hispanic mamas send their kids around to sell their delish food

25. you don’t have to show i.d at the post office, even to get a key to your new home box

26. lower insurance rates

27. people seem kinder

28. we can play our favorite car game, guess the crop or guess the smell (during harvest times)

29. we get to use the phrase “going to town” to feel like we are in a different century.

30. the air is much fresher!

31. the only people who ask us for money while walking or driving are our children

32. our neighbors have the same passion of eating from the earth and all that “hippy” stuff

33. going on a school field trip to see a play in Portland with a kid’s class and hearing the other kids “LOOK! It’s New York City!!” I almost peed myself with laughter.

34. we get much more house for our money!

35. we have our own city well system

36. the few police we have are familiar with everyone and we can get to know them easier

37. no DEQ needed for our car!

38. the streets are cleaner

39. only need one officer to roam around town when the kids are walking to/from school

40. the neighbor let me use his power tool though we had just met.

41. we get our pumpkins and Christmas tree up the road.

42. no cookie cutter subdivisions

I need your help! I need 10 more! Do you live in a small town and love it?













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