Selfie versus Self Portrait

the selfie

the selfie

Is there a difference between the selfie and a self portrait? Perhaps not a deep thought to ponder, I know.  Yet, in our current culture it could have implications to the world of photography. This current generation is the most photographed generation ever. Thus, the expectations for advertising and portaiture seems to have declined.

I see a huge difference. These are my thougthts and I would love to hear feedback!

  • The selfie is the quick snapshot you post on instagram, the self portrait is more thought out and artistic.
  • The self portrait is technically correct from a photography standpoint.
  • Usually you have your camera on a tripod for a self portrait whereas a selfie is hand held.
  • I have seen amazing photos from phone cameras. I don’t think it matters if you use an expensive camera or your phone.

self portrait

This all would be equivalant to a quick snapshot of your family verses someone positioning all of you for a nice image. Does that make sense? I think the art of self portraiture has gotten  muddled in this age where we all have a camera on our phone.

Thoughts? Opinions?

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