5 Tips to Get Organized

Life gets chaotic. Boy do I know that one! Some days you don’t know if you are comin’ or goin’. I am a full time student studying to be a nurse practioner, I have 4 kids (ages 4-11) and the man, we own a home, and I am a photographer hopeful. Somehow we manage to eat most of our meals homemade, have a relatively clean house, get laundry done weekly, and spend time as a family. People seem to think I have some kind of magic powers. While I wish I did, I would settle for Mary Poppins. Want to know my secret?

………..I am ORGANIZED (yes, very)!

Here’s 5 tips from my everyday life:

  1. Every Sunday or Monday morning, I plan my week. School and family go in first. Then photography and blog stuff next. Lastly anything else that needs attention.
  2. Every morning while in the shower I mentally prioritize what needs to be done for that day.
  3. Saturday or Sunday I prepare breakfast, lunches, and snack for the entire week. I make the same thing for each meal (i.e every breakfast are egg cups). This usally only takes a couple hours at most. This helps the kids to know what to eat so they are more independent. The man cuts up veggies for snacking and makes our lunch salad stuff.
  4. I know this may be simple but “put it back where you got it from.” If it doesn’t have a home, it doesn’t belong in your home. This cuts down on time looking for stuff, questions from kids, and the less times something is touched, the more time is saved.
  5. Know when to delegate. I know it may not be done how you would, but it got done right? When I started school the man offered to take on my most dreaded chore. He now does the laundry. Sure sometimes it goes a few days before being put away, but it’s done right? With our kids we have fostered the sense that we are a family and everyone contributes. If I am overworked, I am just a crazy disorganized mess. I feel the idea for another post coming on…how we get our kids to willingly help with the runnings of our house.

What are your secrets to keeping a peaceful home?

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