Salute to Motherhood, the Tough Teacher

Why can’t we put being a stay at home mom as job experience? Do people not realize how much talent it takes to nurse a new baby and potty train a toddler at the same time? Or the skill to coordinate 6  people’s schedules?

I had yet another situation where my experience being a mom for the last 11 years was not counted as job experience. I applied for a gynormous school scholarship and was amongst the lucky few who had an interview. I thought for sure I had this in the bag, I even thought the interview went great. Well, apparently the foundation values job and volunteer experience (this was emphasized a few different times during the interview) and those sections were small on my application. Isn’t being a stay at home mom the ultimate volunteer experience?

Being a mother is the only volunteer job I am aware of that if done poorly, you could land in jail.

Can you tell I am a little miffed? I am tired of my conversational input being dismissed because I don’t have a “real” job. Where is the respect for the sacrifice it takes? The mental sanity it steals? I have chosen to pour myself into my children. The man and I have chosen to sacrifice financially so this could happen. We respect police officers for keeping us safe. We respect teachers for teaching our children. We respect soldiers for fighting for our freedom. Don’t we mother’s do all of these? I have to fight to make sure one of my kids doesn’t slip through the cracks at school. I have to always make sure my children are safe. I have to teach them how to become responsible, well adjusted citizens. Shouldn’t we get even more respect because we fulfill mutlitple roles?

I know it sounds corny, however, I DO believe children are our future (you can start singing the song, it’s ok). I want my kids to grow to be responsible, contributing members of society. If you know my children, you know they are pretty great (if you don’t know them, talk to someone other than me. I promise they are). It has taken hard work and dedication to get them there. I don’t sit around all day watching soap operas eating ice cream. Sometimes you can find me sucking back the coffee like an alcoholic because I have been up all night with a puker. Sometimes you can find me watching a movie for the hundredth time (Frozen anyone?) but that’s because I want snuggles from my growing children.

Sure I bake cookies for my kids and clean the floors. I also teach my children how to love others and be independent. I even have my own hobbies and interests (gasp!). I can carry on an intelligent conversation. I am aware of current events and even have my own opinions on them. I am not just someone who chooses to wipe snot and pick up toys

Wether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, you know motherhood is an a tough teacher. As I write this my train of thought is broken by suggestions about a moldy pineapple science project. Where was I? Oh, yea, how much we learn from being a mom. The skills we learn, if in the “real” world, would span decades of experience in numerous job fields. Really, what greater teacher than motherhood?

Salute to Motherhood, the Tough Teacher

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