Religious Freedom v. Honoring History

It never ceases to amaze me how many want to take God out of our country and culture. They seem to forget that is why the pilgrims came here in the first place. They wanted to worship God freely and not have to worry about oppression. Can’t we still honor our history of being built on Christianity as well as honor the reason the pilgrims came, religious freedom?

These seem to be two very opposing ideas in our current culture. Do we have to forgo one and embrace the other? No way! Take for instance, your parents. If you parents weren’t all that great, how do you ‘honor’ them? This was a journey I went on a few years ago. I came to the conclusion that by honoring them did not mean I had to do what they said or desired for me. I honor them by seeing them with the same view that God does. They are also His children. I must love and treat them as God would. Some days this is easier than others depending if I choose to focus on the hurt. What we know of Jesus, He surely was not a quiet follower.

I believe this same concept can be applied here thus living in harmony of honoring history and religious freedom. We may not like what someone else believes, however, they are also God’s child and we must view them with the same love God views us. How does honoring history come in to play? Think about it, our laws are built upon Biblical values. Ten Commandments ring a bell? What if we took out the Biblical principles from the laws of the land? That would mitigate so many of them. That would create chaos. For example “Thou shall not kill”. What if we took out all the laws saying murder was wrong. You can let your imagination take over on that one. It is ingrained in us that killing is wrong not by nature, but my nurture. We value human life because God values human life.

No matter how hard one tries to remove God from society, it is impossible. The Bible built the foundation of our wonderful country. Instead of trying to remove God, lets put our efforts and focus elsewhere. How about in loving one another and helping those who need a hand up (not just a hand out).

This holiday don’t forget, we are the land of the free because of the brave!

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