Despite Me, They are Awesome

Are you a perfect parent? If so, please share your secrets! I know I fail on a daily basis and yet somehow I have managed to raise kind, generous children who respect others. I know they are far from perfect, we all have weakness, right?

I was chatting with my neighbor today. I was checking on our youngest who was playing with her little boy. She then asked if I could help her with a car seat, an impromptu car seat installation I am always happy to do (I am a certified tech). This lead to her asking about my experiences with the 2’s and 3’s. I love talking parenting with people. When I had kids I only knew what I did not want to repeat, however, had no idea what I DID want to do. As with anything in my life, I turned to research. I devoured parenting books and talked to other women who had already been there.

This got me to thinking about 2 things. One, every stage of childhood and even adulthood has pros and cons. They all have the good, the bad, and the super ugly. I mean, take my current life stage of having young kids. I must see that little pouch of loose, stretch marked skin every time I get dressed. THAT is ugly, yet I adore my kids and wouldn’t trade it. Second, I think I may start a parenting series. Just talking about resources that have helped me and lessons I have learned thus far.

I would love to hear the parenting lessons you have learned thus far in life! It is not about who is better but about the wisdom we can gain from one another.

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