What Photography Has Taught Me

I crave change. I need change. I get bored to easily. If I can stick with something for more than 6 months it usually becomes part of me. I have been married for almost 11 years! Talk about commitment for this fast moving woman. If you follow the adventures of my hair, you know it doesn’t stay the same for more than a few months. Perhaps it is because I love adventure. Perhaps it is because I grew up in chaos. Five kids in a 1400 square foot house with parents who couldn’t sit still either. This is why I am amazed I have found a hobby I love and it is coming up on one year of the beginnings.

What photography has taught me:

  • To be in the moment, to slow down
  • To be more aware of every shape, color, and light around me
  • Take in more of life thus living life fuller
  • To make sure I take a few minutes to create for myself everyday
  • When I find something that I am naturally good at, I don’t have to force it. Maybe I will tell you my bowling experience someday.

The world of photography has given so much to my life and I am only a year into my adventure. I have found amazing community; I have found a creative medium where I can express myself. I feel like a giant inside my soul has been awakened. All I want to do is eat, sleep, breath photography. Unfortunately I have a life that I have to balance it with.

What is that one hobby that gives so much to you?

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