Feelings of Parenting Failure

As a mother we love our kids, yet we can see why some animals eat their young. I am having one of those times. Our oldest has always been the one to test the limits of our parenting abilities. Oh, the stories I could lament!

179He has always been more sensitive and quick to respond. When he was younger he was in occupational therapy to help with sensory issues and ADHD. Through that and a home program, he is doing much better but not quite where we hope for him to be. A few weeks ago we and his teacher filled out questionnaires for the doctor. He no longer has a clear diagnosis of ADHD. That was such a bittersweet moment. Since we had tried so many different things, we decided we could start the discussion of medication. Without a clear diagnosis, the doctor wants to go a different route. She thinks what we are dealing with now are sleep issues. I think he may end up having to do a sleep study. It would have been so much easier to get him on some medication! It feels like a never ending journey. We are weary right now.

That was last week. Now we are having behavioral issues at school. I actually got a call from the principal. You think you are hanging on then BAM! All of a sudden your tailbone is broken. I feel like we are on a tailspin.  He has already overcome so much. We love this kid and see such amazing things for him! Usually I know where to go to figure it out. This time, I feel lost. I don’t have the tools I need. We have arrived at the next stage of parenting. Time to hit some books and learn some more.

What are your favorite parenting tools for preteen/teens?

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