New Year New Theme

For many the new year means new resolutions and a fresh start. For me, it is a time to refocus. Years back I resolved not to set any more resolutions. They never worked and in the end I would just beat myself up. What’s the point in that?! After a couple years of no goals and feeling lost, I decided to pick what I call a theme for the year. Apparently I was hip before my time! Over the last couple years it has become popular to pick “One Little Word” instead of setting massive goals (patting myself on the back).  Because life changes so much, I like to set my SMART goals for much smaller increments of time (read 1-2, maybe 3 months). Choosing a theme to focus on has really helped me improve my life in little ways that make big impact when I look back over the year. There are no hard and fast dates or tangible measurements. Last year my main focus was school and survival. I was working really hard to get into either the local community college’s nursing program but hoping to have enough in scholarship to attend George Fox (I had no doubt I would be accepted). All that I had to do for these, I couldn’t mentally focus on anything else. Though everything was swiftly moving forward at Fox and I recieved an invitation to nursing school at Chemeketa, my confidence waivered. Ever since starting all my prereqs I felt God telling me where I would end up at the end was completely different than the goals I spouted to people. I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be, but not sure where that would put me. I plugged away until my world was shattered by a denial letter for a huge scholarship I was sure I had. I knew I wouldn’t have enough for Fox so I gave up that dream and didn’t sign up for classes. I wrestled with God the whole summer. How could I just walk away from this hard work? I knew I had until the beginning of September to decide because that’s when I had to start nursing school orientation. One Little Word 2015 - CreateFinally, one day, the clouds parted and the angels sung. I felt a peace in my heart and a prodding by the Spirit. I decided to stop pursing school and venture into making my passion my business. That’s a whole other post of whining about market saturation and my own feeling of inadequecy. So, long story short, I have ventured into entrepreneurship, and decided to at least finish my A.A (only 2 classes short). I got my letter a couple days ago that I offically have a degree! Kevin says I should tell people I have a science degree because of how many science classes I took.   That leads to this year. My theme is CREATE. Over the last almost 12 years I have gone from babies in diapers straight into school with no breaks. This year is my time to breath, and really enjoy life. I think God is going to be teaching me lessons on just being to mellow out this type A person even more. There is no rush, no finish line I have to cross. At first when I was telling Kevin this he became worried. He thought I was just going to stop being responsible and have my own fun. I assured him the dishes will still be clean and the kids transported to all their activities. I am just going to get back in touch the creative part of me that was so busy doing, I didn’t have time. I am going to slow down and not freak out when my to do list isn’t finished.

Raising my cup of coffee to a new theme with adventures, and finally a college degree!

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