My New Ink

These beauties are placed over my wrists where Christ was nailed to the cross for me. ME! He loved ME that much! It never ceases to amaze me!

The new inkThe anchor:  In Hebrews 6:19-20, it speaks of God being the anchor to our souls and Jesus going before us. If you know much about my tumultuous childhood and teen years, you can guess why this is so important to me. In those dark moments God kept me anchored to this world I desperately wanted to leave. Also, it has comforted me on many occasions to know that Jesus has gone before me, I am only following. I don’t have to expend the energy to blaze a new trail.

My bow and sword: I have been held back so much in my life. Finally all that tension has propelled me forward like nothing I could have ever imagined. The Bible refers to itself as the Sword of the Spirit piercing bone and marrow (meaning it cuts to the heart). The Bible is what has kept me anchored to my spiritual roots when I doubted the Christian world (what man has created it to be). It also was my healing balm, my self-help resources, and my mirror. It is pointed out to the world because I was propelled out of my comfortable hiding place into a world full of possibility.

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