My name is Shannon and I am a crackhead…

It’s like being a crackhead trying to get clean. The hard part is I am surrounded by other crackheads who leave their drugs out. That is what it seems. Although my substance may not be so seedy, it is still detrimental to my health. Although it may be easier to obtain, it is still just as addictive. My dealer, the man.

This year the theme I chose to work on is my addiction to food. I have no self control! A plate full of cookies on the counter……”Sorry I ate them all and you didn’t get one.” In every other area of my life I have immense self discipline and control. This one area always feels out of control to me. I know when and why it started, I just don’t know what to do about it.

I am ashamed to say I have been asking another crackhead to keep me accountable. And I wonder why it hasn’t worked……. I have realized his addiction is worse than mine and he is not ready to ‘get clean’. I  cannot force the issue with him,  it will only drive a wedge between us, nor do I have the right to dictate how he should live his life.

My next step is to research and gather information. Viewing my problem with the lens of drug addiction, I now have a path to follow.

My name is Shannon and I am addicted to sweet treats.

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