My First Trip to Real Mexico

I am following and her adventure with the book 642 Things to Write About by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto.

The prompt: #392: Your first time in a foreign country


I don’t know if you would count Canada as a foreign country. We went to Vancouver once or twice a year growing up. We visited my awesome great aunt Grace.

My first real out of my realm foreign country was Mexico. We went to Mexico with our youth group to do a mission project building homes. We didn’t see the place tourist see, we experienced the poor parts that are really Mexico. Not surprising I had to stay behind one day because I was sick. I mean really drinking water in a different country eating bologne sandwhiches on white bread every day was just asking for it! We stayed at a currently unused arena. To get to the arena we had to drive through the garbage dump. I remember seeing our leftover boxes from lunch the day before when driving out. Then looking up to see that families had made makeshift homes within the piles and kids were scavanging around. It was heartbreaking to see that twice a day! I remember one of the men who we were building for, showed us how to eat a scorpion. The women who our group was building for cut up cucumbers and added some salt. Those are the best cukes I have ever eaten! It was a fun, eye opening experience for this sheltered teenager!

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