My Big Huge Fail…..

Ya know that verse that all things work together for good? Even in my big huge Christian fail, God is good. This year I had chosen the word ‘create’. I wanted to explore this side that has laid dormant since my childhood. I wanted it to be my year since all the kids are now in school. Did you notice I said ‘my’? I think God just let out a big huge belly laugh.

It seems like I was going full force in my creating goals feeling empty, I was lacking focus in getting my photography business off the ground. God stopped me so hard in my tracks I am still recovering from whiplash. If you know me at all, you know how hard I go after what I want. It seemed like in the same breath we finally found a church locally that our whole family adores, I found a place to practice my creativity with meaning, and my word for the year changed.

Illustrated Faith, Faith ArtI am not too proud to say I screwed up. Even though we are halfway through March, my word for the year has changed. Rather than my word, God is leading me toward ‘relationship’. Being out of our comfort zone is the only place we can grow. A few years ago my goal was social anxiety. For the year I wanted to put myself in social situations that scared the piss right outta me. I often came across as cold and uncaring because I had no idea how to create relationships or handle myself in a crowd. It was literally debilitating. I grew so much that year it was incredible! I think this year God is taking me in that next step, building relationship.

I am astonished at what He has done in the short week or two of my decision to change focus. My creative journey is still there, just in a different way.

There was no gently wooing, God knows me too well. I am not a sappy love story kinda girl. I want action and intrigue, a little Jason Statham doesn’t hurt either. God chose whiplash instead. He knew what I needed.

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