Menu Monday, April 29

Last week the menu was exactly the same as the week before. I though posting the same thing is kinda boring. This week we have some newbies that I am excited about! It seemed today everything was totally from scratch. I had to grind flour from coconut and almond shreds (leftovers from previous milk making). I used pumpkin that I had roasted, pureed, and frozen last fall. It was all a very fulfilling experience. Too bad we couldn’t milk ol’ Bessie out back for the yogurt!



These turned out as a mix between an egg cup and muffin, squishy as one kid called it. The only complaint, it needed more spice. Can you believe it? More spices?! I can do that!

Here is what I changed. I tripled the recipe. I used 10 eggs and omitted the egg white. I used cow milk because I that was the only milk I had on hand. On the second half of the batter, I added cinnamon for more spice. I used the pumpkin that was roasted last fall and frozen.



Chocolate Oatmeal Snack BarThese are reminiscent of no bake cookies. I didn’t really measure anything, only looked at the

measuring cup and guestimated. I am really excited for these! I have no doubt they will be enjoyed.

Here is what I changed. I had to double the recipe and even then I don’t think it will be enough for my hungry munchkins all week. I used 1/4 c. butter and substituted coconut oil for the other 1/4 c. I didn’t have wheatgerm so I substituted ground flaxseed. We don’t have chocolate chips so I dumped in cocoa powder until it looked like enough.





OMGEE BATMAN! This is glorious! I am super excited to put this in some yogurt that Gluten free chai granolais currently growing on the counter in its warmer. Add this to my green smoothie and  breakfast is something to look forward to this week!

Here is what I changed. I only soaked the nuts for a couple hours. I don’t like liquid stevia (it has a bitter taste to me) so I omitted it. Instead of coconut sugar I used Zsweet. I used a combo of walnuts, almonds, and raw cashews.

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