Menu Monday Success

This week’s menu was a success! Usually there is at least one kids who is not excited about something. This week, they even like MY breakfast! I have decided for this last part of school, I am going to let them eat at school. Thankfully, our school lunches are decent and I want to take a little stress off of myself.

Kid’s breakfast:

Carrot cake doughnuts from –


*I did not have cream cheese to make the frosting. The kids do not seem to mind at all.

*I had to triple the recipe and it will not even be enough!Breakfast Menu

*Instead of the white flour, I used plain protein powder.

*We didn’t have brown sugar so I used a tablespoon of black strap molasses and and 1/8 cup of cane sugar.

*We didn’t have milk either so I used my homemade yogurt that is pretty thick so I added a little water to it.

*The consensus was no nuts! So for the optional, we opted out.

Kid’s Snack:

Apple Peanut Butter Bar from –


uummm NONE!! Perhaps next time I may squeeze a little of the juice out of the shredded apple. These are delish!

My Breakfast:

Coffee Cake Muffins from –


I did not really get the instructions so I made up my own. These are so good!

*Instead of pecans, I used walnuts.

*No brown sugar. I used a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses and Zsweet.

*I used whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour.

*Instead of sour cream, I used my homemade super thick yogurt (reminiscent of creamy cream cheese)

*I substituted half of the flour for unflavored protein powder.

*As far as directions, I put all the dry ingredients together. I then let my super awesome Kitchenaid cut in the butter (I literally was jumping for joy!). I then took out a cup of that mixture for the topping. I then put in the wet ingredients and let the glorious Kitchenaid mix.


Right now, I have sourdough starter out to make bread on Wednesday. I only handle ingredients for about 15 minutes total. I tell ya, it is totally easy and much better for you.

I am off to read the instructions for my new ice cream attachment and make coconut milk so I can have some yummy chocolate ice cream.

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