Loving LGBT Like Jesus

After taking so much college biology and a myriad of psychology classes, this is often the lens through which I view today’s issues. Either we can come together or we can be divisive, each person has to make their own choice. There has been an up swell in the LGBT community and an opposition among many. We can get so upset over something we don’t understand. Right now, our world needs more coming together and less arguments. I mean really, does gay marriage really affect your life if you are heterosexual? Perhaps it does not fit within your belief system, but so what. No one is making you become homosexual. You say you want to protect your children. How about instead guiding them through how to love other people even when they don’t agree with their behavior? Isn’t that what Jesus did? By trying to protect your children, you are setting them up for failure as adults. They won’t know how to handle people who are different and have different values.

How about on the subject of one being transgender. Again, does it really affect your life if someone chooses this for themselves? Our brain is a complicated beast. I mean, even after all my formal and informal education, I still can’t comprehend the idea of memories. They are just chemicals, the same ones everyone else has but my memories are different. If you really stop and understand the brain versus actual anatomy and their development, you can understand how this phenomena of transgender can actually occur in a person. It isn’t that these subjects of gay marriage or transgender are new, it’s just that we finally are more accepting of differences. Did you know your beloved Perry Mason was gay? I know the heart of the subject is sharing bathrooms, especially locker rooms. What kid, gay, straight, or transgender really likes dressing down for P.E? I would venture to guess not many kids enjoy this experience, period. Rather than being angry and shaking your fist, help find a solution so all kids are well cared for. Every kid deserves safety! How do you think that transgender kid deals with bullying? Or the feeling something is wrong with them? While I cannot fully grasp the difficulty of being transgender, I know what it is like to live years thinking something is wrong with you. Shouldn’t we teach our children to accept them too? Again, we cannot shelter our children, because that teaches them nothing. We must discuss a person’s difference so a child can understand and perhaps be the kid who stands up to a bully protecting another child. The only way we can move forward to a more loving country is if we teach our children love.

Parents want to “protect” their children in the restroom. Statistically, you should be more worried about Uncle Bob who adores your kids, than the person peeing next to you. Sure there may be a kid or two who thinks it is funny to pretend to be transgender and use the restroom. At a school board conference I heard one such story. If it happens at school, you can bet the teachers and staff know the kids who are transgender and the kids who are not. In that story I heard, the kid was suspended and did no harm to anyone else. Schools must abide by Title IX, while the issue of transgender is a new one facing schools, I’m sure in the near future it will not be an issue but a legal requirement. Rather than fight it, help schools find solutions to keep all kids safe. Isn’t that scared kid worth just as much as your own?

People can fight gay marriage and transgender issues all they want. It is inevitable, it will happen. This is exactly what happened with segregation in the 60’s. The exact same arguments for and against. If you think the idea of choice makes them different, do some biology research. Real research, read studies and use your own critical thinking skills.

The most prominent argument outside of safety is the degradation of the country’s moral fabric. Wasn’t the country founded by people escaping religious oppression? Wasn’t our country founded on freedom and inclusion? Another of my favorite subjects has been philosophy, so I have taken a handful of classes. Reading philosophy surrounding ethics and morals will cause your head to spin. We all have a moral compass set by our childhood and guided by our world view. Whose to say mine is any better than yours? Sure I may disagree, but does that make yours wrong? Probably not, unless your view is one of hurting others, then there may be a problem.

One thing that causes me to be on the borders of the Christian world, is the idea of facts and science guiding decisions rather than a moral high ground. Getting facts is vital before taking a stand or making a decision solely based on your beliefs. Educate yourself, educate your children, and show Jesus’ love to every single human on this planet regardless if you agree with their position or not.

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