Lovely Arm Candy to Flaunt

I have been deathly ill over the last few days. Even for the couple times a year I am sick, I am an overachiever! Never a small cold, but a full blown lay-on-the-couch-and-whine cold. Why do they call it a cold anyway? It is the middle of summer so is it a warm? Anyways, lately I have been on the hunt for lovely arm candy (no not the hunky type). Since my brain wasn’t function very well, I was hunting on Etsy for arm adornment. Do you know you can create seperate lists??

Here are some of my favorites…….

CJN Flowers:

This store has many differnt types of wonderful adornments!






Peony Antique Brass Cuff


BNychele :

Belt Bangles

Simply Rozi:

This shop has tons of $3 and $4 studded leather bracelets in numerous colors. Stackable and cheap!

Leather Studded Bracelet



She has some other cute bow love you have to check out!

Leather Bow Bracelet


Once Again Sam:

She has lots of awesome leather cuffs! Did you know that boy larvae are too lazy to feed themselves so they die. Yup, all those hard working bees are girls!

Bee Leather Cuff


I had a hard time choosing my favorite. Here is my arm candy list if you want to see more awesomeness.

Do you have a favorite Etsy store?

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