Are You A Stereotype?

What does the typical mom look like? If you are like me and most I know, you draw on the experience of your own life. Are we supposed to be that soccer mom driving the minivan with our Starbucks? Are we supposed to be a woman dressed in a business suit kissing our kids goodbye each morning of the work week? Are we supposed to be haggard, wearing baggy hand me downs and complaining about the laundry?

My looks in no way portray my very conservative views and values. I have lived a life and come back to my roots. God is a huge part of my life and our home, yet even in this area, I am not a typical “Christian”. My political views are conservative as well. No one in our home is celebrity obsessed. I even still believe in chivalry! I could go on and on.

It has taken many years to be ok with the fact that I don’t fit into a box many have tried to place me in. I think it makes me more interesting! Once you think you have me figured out, I surprise ya.

Teaching children to love themselves.I think one of the most important lessons I want my kids to learn early in life is to just be yourself. I know we hear this all the time but peer pressure can be intense. The times I was not true to myself were the times when things went south.  I have always been the weird one.  Take for instance the outfit my mom made for me when I was in 7th grade. I loved it but it sure wasn’t cool! Do you remember Daisy Kingdom? It was a jumper full on Daisy Kingdom (exactly like the picture without the dangling things). I was teased so much for that thing but I loved it and wore it with pride.

I have never been known to have many friends. Sometimes I am more than ok with having just a few good ones.  Those times when I want to just fit in were my downfall. In my late 20’s was one of those times. I wanted to be part of the “in” crowd. I compromised my values and the man told me on a few occasions he didn’t like what I was becoming. After a couple years I realized I didn’t either. It was too much effort to be something I was not. I had an experience just like that year I wore the Daisy Kingdom jumper. The devastation of being cornered in the bathroom and given a letter came flooding back. Back in 7th grade the group of girls told me they “wanted to be friends in a different way”. Isn’t it funny how I can still remember that phrase? My life is littered with rejection at every turn so I should have been used to it by then. Unfortunately, I was not. That was the first time in my life I realized I was not a “normal” person. Again, in my late 20’s I had the same experience. I had no idea why all of a sudden people didn’t want to be friends with me and I was devastated. Thankfully at that time I actually had someone to lean on, the man.  In my childhood I had no one to lean on, literally no one. That is no joke. I couldn’t even depend on my family.

Now finally in my mid 30’s, I have become comfortable with being myself. I have found that people love me more when I am me. It is a much more fun experience and much less mentally consuming. It is ok to be a little out there. It is ok to own the gifts that God has given you. It is ok to not fit in to the crowd.

Go out and be yourself! Surprise those around you who think they know you.

What stereotype are you breaking?

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