Liver on Valentine’s Day?

“Wuv, twue wuv…” We are approaching that wonderous day called Valentine’s Day. So perhaps I am not a romantic, or maybe I am too analytical of a person. I used to wish I had the perfect man on that perfect day. Now that I have the almost perfect man, that day doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

Instead of Happy “Heart” (yeah, how does that resemble our actual heart??) Day, how about we have Happy Liver Day? I mean really, do you know how awesome your liver is? I didn’t think so. It’s by far my favorite body part!

Some of the practical reasons why I love my liver:

  • It is the second largest organ. Your skin is the largest.
  • It allows me to eat the sweet fattening treats I love.
  • It keeps my inardards scrubbed clean.
  • It ensures I only have robust blood cells coursing my vessels.
  • Ya know when you drank too much? Thank your liver for getting rid of that instead of poisining yourself.
  • Did you know you only need 25% of it to properly function and it can rapidly regenerate itself? You can even donate a chunk because of this!
  • Did you know it has a ligament that attaches to your belly button?

Now, find your liver and give a big huge hug showing it your love.

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