So You Think You Are a Failure, Huh?

How many times have you started a weightloss program and “failed”? How many times have you left a project half finished and though “that was a failure”? How many times have you yelled at your kids and mutter “I am a failure.”? It’s ok, you can be honest, you are in good company. I am an overachieving perfectionist and rely on my wonderful husband to keep me balanced.

I have a saying “The only failure is a lesson unlearned”. I came about this because I was so downtrodden, constantly berating myself for not getting it “right”. At first I felt this was a cop out. After many years of this philosophy, it Only Failure is a Lesson Unlearnedhas penetrated deep into my soul and become part of who I am (and hopefully a lesson I am passing on to my kids).

Instead of thinking of yourself as a failure, do some reflecting. What caused you to go astray? Were your expectations too high (often my downfall)? Is there a lesson to be gleened from the experience? Did you have a vision but in reality it didn’t fit into your life? Were you trying to imitate someone else instead of being you? Just some questions to get you thinking.

Life is all about the lessons we learn and incorporating them into who we are becoming (Do you see? Sorry, had a Red Dragon moment). Next time that ugly word pops into your head or blurts from your mouth, take a moment, reflect and remember; the only failure is a lesson unlearned.

Where do you feel like a failure right now? What lessons do you think life has been teaching you?

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