Lessons To My Children

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My name means ‘small but wise’. I have the first part of that covered for sure! When God was asking who wants inches, I thought He was asking who wants lunches. DOH! The second part is always a work in progress. One of the goals of my blog is to have a venue to pass on to my children the many lessons I have learned.

I grew up in ashes, figuratively speaking. The older I get and the more healing I go through, the more subjective I can be about my past. The more I ponder that poor little girl and all she had to endure, the more I am amazed at who I have become. Not only did I go through some situations that would cause you to cringe, that broken girl also put herself in situations that were not, shall we say, of the highest caliber.

Some may use the cliche of the Pheonix rising from the ashes. The problem with that picture, there never was a beautiful world that had a chance to burn down. I was born into brokeness. I was born to a mother who had her own demons to wrestle and a disconnected father. God made me a sensitive person, I feel deeply thus was really affected by the lack of attachment. Thankfully, even that, God has made new.

Whenever I hear the phrase “God makes beauty from ashes”, I smile. God has taken all that pain and brokenenss and turned it into a joyful, content woman. When I had children I knew I wanted to break the family cycle. I want to teach my children the lessons I have learned so they get to move beyond a broken past.

You will be seeing more stories about where I have come from and what I have learned. Please don’t be a hater, I am my own worse critic, trust me. I don’t need anymore. Having said that, I always welcome challenging and thoughtful questions. It is probably something I have never thought of before.

What lessons do you want your children to know that you had to learn the hard way?

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