You Know You Live in a Small Town When….

Moving from a large city to a very small town, I constantly have those “you know you live in a small town when…..” moments. Like the fact that our whole town’s speed limit is a strictly enforced 25 mph. Or how about the fact we sometimes get handmade notices on our door if we want to buy some tamales. I could go on and on. I love the adventure big city livin’ has to offer, yet I truly enjoy coming home to my quiet, star filled, sometimes manure (yes, sometimes it is so strong you swear the cow took a dump on your lawn) smelling town. This stop sign is one of those moments.

You know you live in a small town when the railroad crossing isn’t a bar, but merely a stop sign. The one stop sign I have never seen anyone just roll through. Our theme this month for our 365 group is red. Thanks to the awesome women who run Clickin Moms, our sponsor. Truly the best group of supportive ladies!

Small Town Livin'


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