The Italian Grandma’s Healing

“It’s time for the Italian grandma,” the man says with a sigh. You may think he is referring to his mother-in-law or grandma-in-law. Nope, no Italian pride to show in this home. So what’s he referring to?? A sick child.

I know you are shaking your head in complete confusion at this point. “What does an Italian grandma have to do with a sick kid??” It is the pet name for our “healing” concoction. We mix lavendar and oregano essential oil with olive oil. This mixture is then applied to the sick area.

I hate taking the time to take my kids to the doctor when they are sick. I am also paranoid the doctor will just roll her eyes and say it is no big thing (I know she never would….buuuttt……). I only take them to her for major things like a broken finger, an asthma flare that was not getting better (turns out he had a lung and half with pneumonia), or uncontrollable bleeding wounds. A few years ago I began researching the power of essential oil. They are truly amazing!! Did you know oregano essential oil has healed MRSA? Have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Ya know the father’s obsession with Windex? That’s how we feel about lavendar essential oil in our house. It fixes ANYTHING! Well, almost.

I have healed pink eye, ear infections, and caused bad colds to dissapate almost overnight. I have even gargaled it to help with painful sore throats.

If natural healing is important to you and/or you want a cheap quick solution, check it out!

Italian Grandma’s Concoction:

About a tablespoon of olive oil

About 5 drops oregano essential oil

About 5 drops lavendar essential oil

Mix and apply.

How to apply:

Dip your finger in the mixture and swipe it around the area of ickiness. For instance, around the eye. Swipe some all around the eye socket. If your little one is a young, you can give them a nice foot massage with the oil. Ya know reflexology? It’s true!


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