Healthy Kids=Nation’s Success

A writing assignment I did for PTK (an honors society I am part of) on one of my passions, the health of our children.

I love being active and do not do well if I have to sit for an extended period of time. I believe our bodies were created for adventure and movement. We were not created to sit at a computer, come home, and sit in front of the t.v. While our modern technology sure has made life easier, it has also posed some new problems. My children’s generation is the first one to have a shorter life expectancy than its previous generation. This greatly saddens me!

Our children live in a high stress, technology based world. We are squelching the very creativity that has made this nation great. What if Einstein played computer games all day? What if Ford’s parents saw his potential and kept pushing him into activities to “hone” that potential? Would our modern day inventions be the same? I am not saying computer games, the t.v. or activities to learn are bad. I think as a society we just put our focus in the wrong direction. Have you watched a kid play with legos and create these elaborate masterpieces? Have you given a child random objects and watched them bring the objects to life? It is truly amazing the imagination children have!

Do you ever stop to wonder how their imagination is fed? Sure they have to have inspiration, perhaps even a few leading instructions. However, even deeper than that, on a biological level, our children must be fed well for their brains to work how they were intended. We have to feed our children well so that their brain and body can function at optimal for their job of play. Our children are exposed more than ever to food additives, sugar, sodium, and just plain “fake” foods. Fortifying a food does not make it better if it is inferior to start with. I know in general parents do not feed their kids bad foods purposefully to harm them. I think parents are not fully informed or have been shown ways to work a healthy lifestyle into their busy life. Instead of fighting disease, we need to fight the underlying causes of disease, a poor diet and high stress.

As a parent of four kids, I have realized our kids deserve our best. As parents we have been entrusted with these precious souls, and thus have the responsibility to do our best. If we do not step up and take a stand, more diseases will become prevalent and our nation as a whole will slip even further from being a worldwide leader.

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