Give My Kid Control?!

Do you have that one child that feels they must control the world? We sure do! As a toddler she would huddle over the popcorn bowl dishing it out to her brothers one piece at a time. Her room is always clean. She was even our longest “standoff”. What is a standoff? Each of our older 3 (I think the youngest is just spoiled) had one during their toddlerhood and it always happened over food, thankfully at home. Well, Cozette was a whopping 3 1/2 hours long! We sat on the floor until she picked up the food she had thrown down. By far the longest standoff.

Children need to feel control. Of course to varying extents based on their personality. I think this is why toddlerhood can be riddled with tantrums. How would you feel if everything is told to you and you had no choice? I know I would be pretty darn unhappy and horrible company. This is how little ones feel.

We actually enjoyed toddlerhood! Yes, we did. I promise I am not lying! Want to know what we did?

We gave our kids some control over their lives. This came in the form of miniscule choices and involving them in making plans. We have a rule in our house, majority wins.

                   Ask your child to make a choice between two things you are fine with:

  • Our favorite that makes us look like the most amazing parents: Do you want to go to bed now or in 10 minutes?
  • Do you want to have carrots or apples for lunch?
  • Do you want to wear this shirt or this shirt? These pants or this dress?
  • Even if you know the answer, still ask. Nuggets or a burger?
  • Do you want me to do you hair or just brush it?

You get the picture. The more smaller choices you give them, the more they will be fine with the times that you have already made the choice for them.

Besides ending your nights with a glass of wine or a beer, what tricks could you pass on to a mom with youngsters?

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