Father’s Day 52 list

Kevin and ChandlurIn honor of Father’s Day here is my first 52 list. I know a little delayed, but you know how it goes in the life of a domestic goddess. Fifty-two reasons I appreciate my hubby, in no particular order.

1. He lets me decorate the house how I want

2. He is a great gardener

3. He cooks dinner

4. He is honest

5. He is kind to everyone.

6. He knows how to make me laugh no matter what mood I am in.

7. He can recreate any dish we eat at a restaurant.

8. He challenges my thinking.

9. No matter how fat I have gotten, he still thinks I am beautiful.

10. He adopted Chandlur.

11. He keeps gas in the cars.

12. He takes the kids to dance classes.

13. He does the laundry.

14. He supports me going to school.

15. He knows how I take my cheeseburger.

16. He is a godly man.

17. He is fiercely protective of his children.

18. He is thoughtful.

19. He can carry on a meaningful conversation with any stranger.

20. He wants me to maintain my own identity.

21. He shares my love of nature.

22. He has a good sense of style.

23. He sees the value in teaching our children where food comes from.

24. He has a great sense of humor.

25. He doesn’t let things offend him.

26. His predictability is comforting to my craziness.

27. He is not a sports fanatic.

28. He likes ethnic food.

29. He can recreate any dish we eat at a restaurant.

30. He keeps the outside of our house lovely.

31. He knows what is happening in the world.

32. He has high morals.

33. He works hard at his job.

34. He supports my schooling.

35. He lets me keep my remaining school money for spending.

36. He goes on my adventures with me.

37. He has a great relationship with his folks.

38. He balances my health with tasty treats.

39. He can pick out my clothes.

40. He cuts the family’s hair and does a great job.

41. He calls me on the carpet when my thinking is off.

42. He supports me through my mental episodes.

43. He took over paying the bills and does a great job.

44. He respects my opinions.

45. He adores his children.

46. He is helping Chandlur learn the piano.

47. He is talented artistically.

48. He runs the errands after work.

49. He does the grocery shopping.

50. He makes sure I always have some of my Trader Joe’s chocolate bar on hand.

51. He knows his strengths and weaknesses.

52. He knows how to bribe me.

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