Falling Rocks and a Kegger Invitation

We were hoping for adventure on our little trip. Yesterday I was thinking “oh, this is fun.”  Today, we hit ADVENTURE!

  • When the sign says falling rocks, it isn’t joking!
  • We got to see 3 pairs of deer amongst our 140 mile trip today.
  • Did you know we have a Denmark Oregon and a Nashville Oregon?
  • We stopped in little tiny Agness and got invited to a wedding reception/kegger.
  • After building our house, I am fine with port-a-potties. Today, I got my first experience with an actual outhouse in Agness
  • We had to travel a little over 10 miles on a bumpy gravel road which we did not anticipate (forest fires diverted our route a little)
  • Last but not least, we had some serious downpour! I know it’s Oregon, however, usually this time of year is our hottest.

I got to end my night with a nice bubble bath and book in a very nice hotel.

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